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Business Owners & Investors:

You're One Step Away From Learning How You can Own Nothing and Control Everything. Become Uncollectable GUARANTEED

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The Framework

The best plan for your current situation and goals...Using Little-Known
Secrets Absolutely No One
But Our Clients Have Their
Hands On.

Done For You

Your Personal, Tailored Roadmap that generates Lawsuit & Asset Protection, Privacy, Generational Wealth, and peace of mind.

Portfolio Mastery

A Plug and Play structuring
that has personally helped
over 200+ clients.

You don’t need any special net worth, business background, or extensive studying to follow our breakthrough program.

You don’t need to be an financial geek.

You don’t need to be a law whiz.

All you need is a desire to reduce stress, risk and protect your nest egg, and our mentorship & program will show you how.

You’ll get the most effective protection and estate strategies and systems in order to gain bulletproof status, GUARANTEED.

It is a straightforward, simple, and proven system for protecting your property rights, growing your nest egg, business and achieving financial freedom that no one can take or control…

Recent Results We've Gotten For People Just Like You: 

200+ happy clients served 

There is a clear alternative to mainstream "programming" in finance, estate planning, and more! A clear view on how the rich cabal get richer and how we ourselves can tap into that knowledge and have the courage to apply it :-)

- Sam, Member

You taught me how to set up a trust properly.

- Manny, Member

your estate planning using equity stripping with trusts to setup a public LLC for dealing with my business as well as a private LLC as a holding company... changed my life! Love it.

- Steven, Member



  • Access to Insiders Syndicate Course

  • Custom Trust Umbrella Plan

  • Revocable Living Trust 

  • Irrevocable Trust 

  • Complete Estate Plan Materials

  • Hedged-Out-LLC 

  • Trust Holding-Co-LLC 

  • Tax Deferment Plan

  • Equity Stripping Plan

  • Banking Privacy Materials

  • Investment Plan

  • 12 month Consultation

  • Asset Allocation Plan

Gold Member

  • Capital Plan


  •  Consultation Until Goal

  • Access to Insiders Syndicate Course

  • Asset Privacy Trust Materials

  • Hedged-Out-LLC 

  • Asset Allocation Plan

  • Banking Privacy Materials

  • Tax Deferment Plan

  • Complete Estate Plan Materials

Silver Member


  • Equity Stripping Plan


  • Access to Insiders Syndicate Course

  • Hedged-Out-LLC Materials

  • Banking Privacy Materials


Copper Member

  • Tax Deferment Plan

  • Equity Stripping Plan


Estate Member


Revocable Trust

Complete Estate Plan Materials

Banking Privacy Materials

Access to Insiders Syndicate Course

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