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Learn How To Reduce Overpaying in Your Business's Taxes.

Your Accountant Works for the IRS not YOU

During tax time, they typically react to existing tax liabilities, leaving little room to eliminate your tax bill.

Are they leaving money on the table?

These accountants, often referred to as "Bean Counters," view taxes as mere compliance rather than opportunities for strategic planning to pay little to no tax as possible. Business owners are constantly told to just have your business be an S Corp to save on taxes. After which you still feel cheated by your tax burden, but hey your CPA says "we saved you on self employment tax!"

Strategic business structuring

That's not us, we don't soley rely on just an S Corp tax election. You can strategically structure your income within legal boundaries to minimize tax obligations. By leveraging other tax rules for companies, you can access more exclusive benefits, deductions, and savings strategies.

In this Workshop we will cover

How to Structure 
for Tax Elimination

Unique Tax Slashing Opportunities

New & Existing Businesses

Take the mystery out of companies & their use, to unravel of unnecessary complexities and make them as simple as possible. You''ll be able to assemble the pieces and facts together.

We'll discuss some of the exclusive tax saving opportunities only available to certain company structures not available to everyone else. 

We'll demonstrate how to use this process for both new and existing businesses. This framework will allow you to reduce taxes for the long haul.

We teach the full stack

We prioritize your business's tax savings, liability protection, privacy, succession, and low-maintenance. Our approach considers all five factors. Unlike traditional options like stand alone Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, C corps, or S corps, we tailor a unique solution for you, the Dual Company Strategy.

Operating Business

Privacy Holding Company

  • does business with the world

  • typically in home state

  • client & employee liability risk

  • does business with Holding Co

  • Transfers high value to Holding Co

  • used for main expenses & borrows from Holding Co

  • sucked dry of profit & value from financial predators

  • maintains a low profile

  • in a preferred state 

  • private from outsiders & not connected to you

  • charges Operating Co for service/product

  • holds value and profit

  • lends money to Operating Co, invests in assets.

  • makes Operating Co broke

Here's how it works

Remember, the two companies are two different persons (a company is "an artificial person established by law"). We teach you everything you need to succeed in the Dual Company Strategy.

Tax Deferral

 transferring income from the operating company to the holding company, which may defer taxes until distribution to shareholders.

Lawsuit Protection

avoid having your eggs all in just one basket.

Income Splitting

facilitating the distribution of income between the entities to potentially leverage lower tax rates and optimize tax deductions.

Capital Gains Exemption

ensure shares meet necessary criteria in qualifying small business corporation sales.

Estate Planning

Add a layer of privacy, separate ownership, minimize estate taxes and ensure a smooth succession of ownership for your heirs.

In our upcoming workshop, "Tax Tailoring Toolbox," we're not just staring at a screen. We'll explore, evaluate and determine the optimal tax slashing structuring for your business. By the workshop's conclusion, you'll possess the knowledge to leverage these structures effectively, ultimately maximizing your profit—After all, isn't that what successful business is about?


  • 6 bite-sized implementation stages
  • 12 Month Access to the Course
  • Q/A Portion Live Workshop/Recording
  • Glossary, Roadmap, Workbooks, & more for download


General Admission | $97

Safe Haven Gold, Silver & Copper Members | Complimentary

Who this is 

  •  You are not an action taker

  • You have a bad attitude with change

  • You are not profit minded

  • You are too cheap to fix expensive problems

  • You would rather pay more in taxes

Either you can afford it or you can't

Secure your ticket now for the upcoming live workshop & more

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