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Often parents put off the notion that something could happen to them. The fear of death or thoughts of invincibility can overtake the sense of urgency in planning for the unexpected.

If something happens to you as the parents 

Without the right plan & Legal Instruments, the Court who has 100’s of other related cases aren’t going to care about yours. Someone could say “Well I have this job and this house; I need to be their new guardian.”


The judge being lazy could just say "okay" with no due diligence on the suitability of this person.

Maybe I don’t want my kids to go to certain relatives maybe because they are losers or have a very different outlook on life. I may have someone better fit in mind.

I want my kids to go to someone that I know that can be trusted.

During the Masterclass


The Framework

The exact Framework &
Legal Instruments
that enforce your desired
guardians to take care of
your minor children without
the need to pay an attorney
thousands of dollars.

The Right Plan

Everyone's family life
and structuring looks
We will cover how
to pick the right 
plan for your

Getting the Docs

We will have various
that are needed for
different family setups,
situations, and Estate
Plans so you don't prolong
this important part
of family agency.


365 day access to the Masterclass Recording 

Downloadable Templates & Instructional PDF's

Instruction on how this all fits inside of existing Trust Setups or no current estate plan.



General Admission | $149

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